San Antonio, TX

Job Description

As OKIN’s Senior Process Developer for RunMyProcess you will determine process capability for all developed processes and identify and troubleshoot process-related issues. The central focus will be creating flexible designs targeted to various embedded software systems, create modular code with an emphasis of reusability, executing software-level unit testing, developing effective documentation, leading software troubleshooting efforts, and engaging in small research activities as needed. Your role will consist of, attending and contributing to development meetings, writing basic code, correct any bugs, and provide training and guidance to Junior Process Developers as needed. This includes core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API and other back end processes. You should be able to maintain functional web applications to meet both the clients and OKINS needs.

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities will include orienting yourself in the specification and design process. As the Senior Developer you will support in monitoring the technical operation of internal systems as well as gathering user information from clients involving program functionality. You will collaborate with team members assisting with the successful completion of projects on time and within budget. You will actively participate in the application testing phase, evaluate and trouble shoot technical issues. You will work closely with the client asking targeted questions to quickly understand the origin of any issue or problems.

Responsibilities include

  • Orient yourself in the specification and design the process
  • Create a user interface or connection to third-party systems for each process step
  • Regularly present your result in the project team
  • Document your work continuously
  • Collaborate with the quality Assurance Department
  • Actively participate in the application testing phase
  • Leadership interaction with project managers and co-create projects with clients
  • Mentor Junior Associates
  • Providing support during testing phase for other colleagues


  • HTML5/CSS3 with a focus on modern techniques and frameworks i.e. Bootstrap
  • JavaScript language. jQuery, REACT.JS is advantage
  • SQL or MongoDB data storage engines
  • Understand the API documentation from 3rd party service provider
  • Knowledge of WSDL, LDAP, MQTT connection
  • Apache FreemarkerTM template engine
  • Driven to learn new technologies and is a personally motivated self-starter
  • Agile way of development